Sunday, December 22, 2013

Upstage show

Last night I had my first Upstage show!!! It was so much fun! Upstage is a partner dance company. We sing and dance and do a lot of like, swing dances and stuff. It is soo much fun. I just joined the company this year, and my first show was yesterday. It was a long day. We had to get there at 8 and run through dances, then at ten we had our dress rehearsal.  We put all of our costumes on and ran through all of the dances. It seemed pretty chaotic at first.  People didn't know what they were doing and I will admit that I was pretty nervous. I was pleasantly surprised when the show came together wonderfully! It went so well made was so much fun.  I performed in five different dance numbers and three singing numbers.  The costume changes were sometimes a bit hectic, but overall it was great!! I can't wait for he next one.

Last minute blogging

Ok, so we are supposed to have two blogs by Christmas break, and I checked the calendar and christmas break doesn't start till tomorrow technically, so these should count right? I sure hope so. I tend to procrastinate, but this time I really just forgot. This week has been CRAZY and I just truly haven't had a second. 

Christmas break

I can't believe how fast christmas break came. It feels like the school year just started and now the semester is over. Where has the time gone?!? Wow! It really is crazy. I thought that this last week would drag on with all of the presentations, projects, and tests...and it felt like it did for a while....but looking back it went by crazy fast!!! I doesn't not seem like four days until fact it doesn't seem like christmas break at all. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Kind Of Parallel Universe Is This?

I have a feeling that people will be :0'ing at this, but I love people. I know, me, the person, who if you hang out with enough, will tell you that I hate people constantly. Well, correction, I love some people. And I had an epiphany that my life without some of the people that I know would be so different, I'd be sooo boring!

Brianna Leavell, my former assistant coach for Mock Trial came to see me today. She's a role model in so many ways and she always points me in the right direction. And I'm starting to tear up because she means just so much to me, like, I'm at a loss of words. She's so mature and calls everything like she sees it. I wish I had more time to spend with her. So wise for a twenty-somethin' year old. And that's not even the half of it!

I miss Rahul so much. For everybody that didn't get to meet him, I have to say you totally missed out. He's one of my favorite alumni and bloggers. I find it sad that Rahul has to drive me everywhere even though he's younger than I am....but that goes for Megan too.

This is one of his blogs, just thinking of him and the ants are hilarious. I remember one table pitch black because of the ants. It was disgusting. And now it's hilarious. But just keep reading some of his blogs and you'll see just how interesting (for lack of a better word) his thinking process is.

I love Ty Medd too. I know I know, most of you guys are flipping your desk or computer over, but it is true. I may not be half as smart as he is, or even sassy, but I just find it hilarious. His constant remarks about people and making fun of them for not being practical is amazing. I remember in my freshman year, I gave a speech about Satanism and said that Ty was going to hell. I'm so happy that he didn't hear about it, but now I respect him for being the person he is.

These are just some of the people that I love. Well, Ty isn't love, it's more like mad respect. I really do wonder what my life would be like without all the influences. I would regret a life like that.

It's becoming more apparent that I write about alumni and past seniors in my blogs. They really should come back. If I knew all of them (alumni that I met later) when I was a freshman, oh man, my life.... Like, Lynn Nguyen, Lewis Lomugdang, either of the Lomugdang brothers actually.... But all in good time I guess.

Watching from the Sidelines

A week ago I wrote a story for web about preseason injuries and being out for a few games. This morning, I felt the exact feeling that I interviewed others about.

I run Cross Country, and the past week my knee has been injured. This morning we had our first invitational. I wasn't able to run, but i cheered on other runners. It was really hard watching all of my friends run past. Usually I hate racing. It's stressful and I hate the pressure. Today, I wanted nothing more than to go out there and sprint the entire two miles. Not that I could have, but I wanted to.

Wednesday is our next meet, and although it's my least favorite course, I'm still super excited to be out there racing again, no matter how much it stresses me out! I never realized how much I love running until I had to go a week of practice and an invitational without doing it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Coolest thing about my family...

I miss Britain so badly!
This house (the white one) is the house my grandfather grew up in. I think it was built in the early 1800's but I'm not exactly sure. I guess I could google it, but that's a lot of effort.  It was on a street called Rhydycar in Merthyr Tydfil (where my dad grew up). It's in a museum in Wales called Sain Ffagons near Cardiff. It's super old, and I saw the outdoor toilet... the weird thing is, is that my dad remembers actually staying in the house and using the toilet, and in the winter they had to use a hammer to crack the ice on the toilet. I know. It's insane. 

MerthyrTydfil_RhydycarCottages_3.JPG (104950 bytes)This is what the house looked like a really long time ago when my great-grandmother lived there. It's kinda old.
This is a book about the street because it's historic, blah blah blah but the cool part is that my great-grandfather was a professional wrestler and a strong man in a circus and he's in the book! There are actually a couple books about Welsh history that have pictures of my family on them: fun fact about me. 

<<< that's him. Can you see the family resemblance?

And I couldn't figure out how to make this not sideways, but oh well. The most hilarious thing in my life, is that as my dad was flipping through this book, he saw the women on the left, and was like, "I remember her!" Yeah. The women who looks like she is in colonial dress. Yeah. My dad knew her. She lived in the house next door. I mean just LOOK at her! 

The End.